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What’s a better gauge of economic health; the stock market or global trade?

DP World

DP World, one of the world’s largest port operators reported a drop volume at its ports.  Stock markets are hitter new highs and stock markets in the region have risen too high too fast.  The Dubai Financial Market (DFM), for example, is up over 60% year-to-date.  So should we believe the stock market, which is telling us that all is well and the good times are here, or shall we believe global trade, which is saying things are slowing down?


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Kuwaitis hang on to hope after 6th parliament is elected in 6 years

Kuwait Election 2013

Kuwaitis elected their 6th parliament in six years in a special election, but then again, isn’t every election in Kuwait special?  Members of Parliament (MPs) can’t seem to hang on to power for more than a year.  It has been a deadbeat/lame-duck parliament since the Emir brought back democracy to the state after the 1990/91 Gulf War.  Will this time be different?


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Saudi water usage hits record

Saudi National Water

Water consumption in Saudi Arabia hit a new record and shows no sign of slowing down.  The government has expressed concern over this rise and plans on doing something about it.  Unfortunately, it will not do the right thing.


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