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Hey Egypt: How’s Sisi working out for you?

Cairo Egypt

Photo Source: Global Finance


In May 2014, Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, former chief of the Egyptian military, became the country’s president after a nationwide election.  The main reasons for his rise to power stem from the wide-spread belief that the former president, Mohammed Morsi, was corrupt and was damaging the economy.  Rising food prices and unemployment coupled with an increasing number of power outages further reinforced Egyptians’ view of Morsi.  What has changed in Egypt since Sisi’s election?


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Trump’s 2nd golf course development in Dubai signals market top… time to sell!


Trump announces second golf course development in Dubai. Source: Emirates247

Donald Trump has had a poor track record at market timing, not only in Dubai, but also in the US.  His first attempt at property development in Dubai was at the top of the market.  The project barely got off the ground before being cancelled in 2011 as we reported in an earlier post here.  Will this time be different?

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Can you trust a group that can’t seem to figure out its name?

 ISIS, ISIL, IS, or whatever they are called, how can we take the group seriously if they can’t even agree on their name?!

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