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Another sign that the situation in Saudi Arabia is getting out of control

As if the world needed another sign that life in Saudi Arabia is miserable for millions of Saudis (not to mention foreign laborers).  Here’s a story from Al Arabiya:


A dispute that broke out between a customer and a restaurant employee in the Saudi capital developed into an ugly scene unfamiliar to Riyadh residents.

It all started when a young man walked into the restaurant and began an argument with an employee who takes orders. Shortly after that, the customer left only to return half an hour afterwards with a gang of 11 young men armed with knives and a machine gun.

They began attacking employs and opening fire at the restaurant, causing damage and putting everyone around at a horror scene.

Surveillance Cameras showed the man carrying Kalashnikov masked, but police vowed to identify and arrest him.

In Saudi Arabia, carrying weapons is not allowed in public places, and whoever carries unlicensed arms can receive a two-year sentence in prison or be fined 7000-riyal ($1,866).

Read the original story from Al Arabiya.


We posted an article earlier this week on the growing poverty crisis in Saudi Arabia.  You can read it here.  The situation is dire for so many living among some of the world’s wealthiest.  It will only get worse from here as more incidents like this start popping up across the country.  There is no real solution for this crisis so watch from a distance as is gets worse.