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Dubai market closes at high for the year, up over 68%

DFM Index 30-9-2013 YTD

 Source: Marketwatch

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM), one of the main exchanges in the UAE, is up over 68% so far this year.  How long will this last?


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Dubai property values rising fast – Experts agree, “this time is different”

With the local stock market up over 65% so far this year and property values up by more than 20%, the experts agree that this time is different.


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Egyptian military kills protesters claiming they are terrorists while the US mulls cutting off aid, AIPAC does not support the move

Mideast Egypt

Image from the Huffington Post

With so much happening in Egypt, it’s tough to keep up.  Here are some of the highlights:


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Cyprus goes from bad to worse: Tourists stay away and Russian money heads to the Virgin Islands

Empty beach in cyprus


The good news this past week was that the recession in the Eurozone is over.  Click here for the Bloomberg article and here for the New York Times article.  I’m sure the people in Cyprus are relieved… as are the people in Greece, Ireland, Spain and Portugal.  The reality is that the recession (more like depression) is just beginning in countries like Cyprus.  Tourist arrivals are down, Russian money is moving to the Virgin Islands and capital controls are strangling what’s left of the economy.


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Cyprus Update: Bailout/Bail-in is a total failure

  It’s been a couple of months since we covered Cyprus so we decided to see how the March bailout/bail-in is going.  We knew it was going to be a failure, but we didn’t realize it would be a textbook case.  Business and economic students will be studying this for decades to come.


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