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Israel: Saudi Arabia’s new friend in the Middle East


The good old days; King Abdullah (center) with his buddies, Mubarak (left) and Asad (right)

Saudi Arabia and Israel rarely see eye-to-eye publicly.  Now, however, both countries are openly aligned on Syria and Egypt.  They both support Egypt’s current military rulers and both are upset with the US for not bombing Syria and dropping its aid to Egypt.

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Middle East high tech startups take off



The Middle East has been a hotspot for tech start-ups lately.  This growing trend has been overshadowed by all the bad news coming out of the region since 2011.  Don’t expect any competition to Silicon Valley any time soon, but entrepreneurship is catching on in the Middle East in a big way.  Political troubles are only adding more fuel to the trend.


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The idiots guide to understanding the Middle East

Idiots Guide to ME

Image source: @DismantleFed


For everyone out there who’s confused as to what’s going on in the Middle East, @DismantleFed put together a nice graph summarizing all the players, who they play with and who they don’t play with.  Still confused?  Well, this is the Middle East.  Click on the graph above to get a full-size version.



Egyptian military kills protesters claiming they are terrorists while the US mulls cutting off aid, AIPAC does not support the move

Mideast Egypt

Image from the Huffington Post

With so much happening in Egypt, it’s tough to keep up.  Here are some of the highlights:


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Egypt’s Sisi says America “turned its back on Egypt,” but maybe he’s the one with his back turned

Egypt's Sisi

Egypt’s photogenic coup leader, Gen. Abdulfattah Al-Sisi, is not pleased with America’s cold shoulder towards him.  I guess he was hoping for a “thank you” note from Barack Obama for getting rid of the Brotherhood.  America is doing the right thing by not slapping the general on the back for ousting an elected president. 


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