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Arab governments to inject billions into regional development banks

Arab governments realizing the need to step up investment efforts in the Middle East after the Arab Spring are pledging to inject new capital into the five main development banks in the region.  They are;


1.  Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

2.  Arab Monetary Fund

3.  Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa

4.  Arab Authority for Agricultural Investments and Development

5.  Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation


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US tells Iraq to stop allowing Iran supply flights to Syria over its airspace while it pushes ahead with arming rebels

It is no secret that the CIA has been helping the rebels in Syria.  Initially, the US gave the green light to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to send aid and military supplies to the rebels, but two years on and frustration growing, the US is becoming more aggressive.  As the US increases its support for the rebels, it is now asking Iraq to stop allowing Iranian supply planes to fly over Iraq in an attempt to halt Iran’s aid to Assad’s regime.  Will Iraq comply?  No.

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There is still tension on the Iraq-Kuwait border…

Nearly twenty-two years since the end of the first Gulf War, tensions between Iraq and Kuwait still exist.


Iraqi police said they shot in the air to disperse stone-throwing crowds protesting against the demarcation of the border with Kuwait on Monday, leaving some on the Kuwaiti side believing they were being fired at, according to media reports.

The protest, and the confusion over the shooting, underlined localized tensions over the position of the frontier that have persisted more than two decades after Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait.

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