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Worldwide youth unemployment stuck at record levels, outlook for the Middle East is especially poor

Youth Unemployment Global

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We reported last year on the terrible outlook for youth unemployment around the world (read the story here).  The map above is an update on this global problem.  The situation is particularly bank for the Middle East and Southern Europe.  The are no indications that this problem will go away any time soon.


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Middle East high tech startups take off



The Middle East has been a hotspot for tech start-ups lately.  This growing trend has been overshadowed by all the bad news coming out of the region since 2011.  Don’t expect any competition to Silicon Valley any time soon, but entrepreneurship is catching on in the Middle East in a big way.  Political troubles are only adding more fuel to the trend.


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Lebanon is falling apart… again

In a clear sign of escalating tensions in Lebanon, 16 soldiers were killed in clashes with militants in the southern city of Sidon.  Violence is also spreading to Tripoli in the north so this is not a one-off event.  Tensions over Syria are to blame.

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