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The idiots guide to understanding the Middle East

Idiots Guide to ME

Image source: @DismantleFed


For everyone out there who’s confused as to what’s going on in the Middle East, @DismantleFed put together a nice graph summarizing all the players, who they play with and who they don’t play with.  Still confused?  Well, this is the Middle East.  Click on the graph above to get a full-size version.



Saudi workers demand pay without work

Saudi Men

We couldn’t make this up even if we tried… Some Saudi’s are demanding that they get paid for not working.  They claim they are helping companies meet their Saudization quotas…  Sounds like excellent ‘work’ if you can get it.

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Saudi bank deposits hit record, but this may not be a good sign

Saudi Riyal

Saudi bank deposits hit a fresh record in the first quarter this year rising to SR 1.36 trillion ($363 billion) for the first time.  While there is good news in this, it may not be as good as it seems at first.


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Saudi water usage hits record

Saudi National Water

Water consumption in Saudi Arabia hit a new record and shows no sign of slowing down.  The government has expressed concern over this rise and plans on doing something about it.  Unfortunately, it will not do the right thing.


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Gulf countries celebrate demise of democracy in Egypt by giving $12 billion in aid, but there are other motives

Egypt Military Coup

Days after Egypt’s military threw out Mohammed Morsi and his cabinet, Gulf countries of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE pledged $12 billion in aid to support the country and the economy.  One reason for this quick aid package is to show their displeasure with Morsi, but there are also other reasons…


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