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The vanishing petrodollar and its implications on financial markets


Image Source: The Daily Reckoning

It didn’t take long for the effects of falling oils prices to catch up with the global economy.  We’ve reported in the past how falling oil prices will expose the ‘shale revolution’ myth, and we are now starting to see shale companies file for bankruptcy (expect this trend to accelerate through the summer).  Now, however, we are starting to see the effects of vanishing petrodollars from the global financial system. The acceleration of this trend alone can spark another financial crisis.


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Deflation, defaults, social unrest and other ‘surprises’ waiting for us in 2015

Financial Crisis - Slideshare



As 2014 comes to an end, we wanted to take a look back at events and trends over the past few years and give you some of our thoughts on what we expect to see in 2015.  We decided to make a list… a top 10 list of ‘surprises’ we expect to see in the coming year.  Here they are… enjoy…  


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Is it too late to join the IPO party?

Saudi Tadawul

Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul is the Arab world’s largest stock exchange.


The IPO has been set for Saudi Arabia’s National Commercial Bank’s (NCB), the largest bank in the country and one of the largest banks in the Middle East. If all goes well, the IPO will be the second largest IPO globally for 2014 after Alibaba, which debuted last month.  Has the IPO market topped or is this market just getting warmed up?


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Dubai Stock Market Crashes… is there more to come or is it a mere bump on it’s ride up?

Source: Zerohedge, Bloomberg

Source: Zerohedge, Bloomberg


The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has officially crashed, losing over 20% of its value since May this year.  Should investors be concerned or will the market continue its  phenomenal rise?


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The Dubai Financial Market’s amazing rise…

DFM 5-5-2014 - Zerohedge

Source: Zerohedge

We’ve mentioned the amazing rise of the Dubai Financial Market in previous posts (here) and have been watching the rise in 2014, which has been even more amazing, up over 64% so far this year.  Remember what happened the last time the DFM took off like this?  Take a look here and see…

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