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The idiots guide to understanding the Middle East

Idiots Guide to ME

Image source: @DismantleFed


For everyone out there who’s confused as to what’s going on in the Middle East, @DismantleFed put together a nice graph summarizing all the players, who they play with and who they don’t play with.  Still confused?  Well, this is the Middle East.  Click on the graph above to get a full-size version.



Who was behind the recent chemical attack in Syria? Did the US play a role?

Syria Chems Capabilities

Source: The Independent

Who was behind the worst chemical attack the world has seen in decades? We may never know.  Both the rebels and the Syrian regime are pointing their fingers at each other.  There is also finger pointing outside Syria.  Russia is blaming the rebels and the US is blaming Assad.  There is more to this story than what is currently being fed to us.


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Lebanon is falling apart… again

In a clear sign of escalating tensions in Lebanon, 16 soldiers were killed in clashes with militants in the southern city of Sidon.  Violence is also spreading to Tripoli in the north so this is not a one-off event.  Tensions over Syria are to blame.

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Israel has nothing to gain by bombing Syria

Israel launched its second air strike on military targets in Syria on Sunday.  The first strike was on Friday near Syria’s border with Lebanon.  The latest strike was near Damascus, the capital.  The first strike was said to target Hezbollah, which is Israel’s sworn enemy.  Israel, however, has nothing to gain by targeting Damascus.


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US tells Iraq to stop allowing Iran supply flights to Syria over its airspace while it pushes ahead with arming rebels

It is no secret that the CIA has been helping the rebels in Syria.  Initially, the US gave the green light to Saudi Arabia and Qatar to send aid and military supplies to the rebels, but two years on and frustration growing, the US is becoming more aggressive.  As the US increases its support for the rebels, it is now asking Iraq to stop allowing Iranian supply planes to fly over Iraq in an attempt to halt Iran’s aid to Assad’s regime.  Will Iraq comply?  No.

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