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“Kuwait, ‘the back office of logistical support’ for Syria’s rebels”

This was the headline of a recent article in The National newspaper of the UAE.  Kuwait has stayed out of the spotlight for much of the Arab Spring, unlike its neighbours Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  Both Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been very vocal and very active in the uprisings across the Middle East, and especially involved in Libya and Syria.  Kuwait, on the other hand, has kept a low profile until recently.  It seems to have taken a much more active role in Syria as The National reports:

To many observers, Kuwait’s decision to host a United Nations meeting last week to raise humanitarian aid for Syrians – and its pledge of US$300 million to the effort – were the most overt steps that the country has yet taken to get involved in the crisis.

Until then, Kuwait had appeared largely absent from regional diplomacy on the crisis, while Qatar has funded and hosted the political opposition to Mr Al Assad and Saudi Arabia has reportedly sent arms to anti-regime fighters.

Yet interviews with aid organisations and officials suggest Kuwait has played a no less pivotal role than its Gulf Arab neighbours during the 22-month uprising. This country of 2.6 million people has emerged as a central fund-raising hub for direct financial support to insurgents fighting the Assad regime and for humanitarian aid to rebel-controlled areas, which are said to encompass slightly more than half of the country.

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