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Dubai hotel occupancy rates plunged in July to lowest level in 18 years

Dubai Hotels

Skyline of Dubai Marina

Bloomberg just reported that Dubai hotel occupancy rates plunged in July to an 18 year low.  While July is typically a slow month for visitors because of the unbearably hot and humid weather, this July was especially bad.  What was the reason?

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Dubai Stock Market Crashes… is there more to come or is it a mere bump on it’s ride up?

Source: Zerohedge, Bloomberg

Source: Zerohedge, Bloomberg


The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) has officially crashed, losing over 20% of its value since May this year.  Should investors be concerned or will the market continue its  phenomenal rise?


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Worldwide youth unemployment stuck at record levels, outlook for the Middle East is especially poor

Youth Unemployment Global

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We reported last year on the terrible outlook for youth unemployment around the world (read the story here).  The map above is an update on this global problem.  The situation is particularly bank for the Middle East and Southern Europe.  The are no indications that this problem will go away any time soon.


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The Dubai Financial Market’s amazing rise…

DFM 5-5-2014 - Zerohedge

Source: Zerohedge

We’ve mentioned the amazing rise of the Dubai Financial Market in previous posts (here) and have been watching the rise in 2014, which has been even more amazing, up over 64% so far this year.  Remember what happened the last time the DFM took off like this?  Take a look here and see…

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Is another real estate bubble forming in Dubai?

Rents are up as much as 40% in some areas of Dubai and the stock market is up over 50% so far this year… add this to the 100% rise in the stock market in 2013 and you can see how things seem to be getting out of hand again.

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